The Deal Maker Wealth Profile

“Bringing people together”

Dealmakers are naturally great communicators, influencers and negotiators

They have a great sense of timing. They may not understand their limits or how to best capitalize on their unique abilities, and may not believe deal making to be a credible way to build wealth. Examples of successful dealmakers are Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch.

Like Stars and Supporters, Deal Makers leverage by magnifying out in front

While Stars are high in the sky, however, Deal Makers have their ear to the ground. Creating value through timing, not innovation, a Deal Maker lives in the present. As Donald Trump said, "I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That's where the fun is."

Successful Deal Makers tend to catch the imagination of the business world

Their sweeping gestures often make millions in a moment. Of all the profiles, the Deal Makers rely most on the relationships around them. While a Star's value grows as they become less accessible, a Deal Maker's value grows as they become more accessible. They are constantly on the phone and on the move. They create their wealth by spotting connections in the market. Once the deal is done, the new value created enriches everyone involved.

Deal Makers will recognize that often the best thing to do is to do nothing

Trump's advice in deal making: "If you walk into a negotiation and you know nothing about the other party, let them talk. Listen to their tone; observe their body language. The best negotiators are chameleons. Their attitude, demeanor, approach, and posture in a negotiation will depend on the person on the other side of the table."

Struggling Deal Makers are often stuck

They are often trying to start a business or caught up in detail, as the idea of wheeling and dealing, wining and dining, just sounds like too much fun! Others lose out by making connections without taking their share, or lose focus by failing to establish a niche to operate within.

Examples of successful Deal Makers

David Geffen, Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch Masayoshi Son and Henry Kravis.

Watch Roger Hamilton talking about the Deal Maker Profile:

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