The History of Wealth Dynamics

The basis of the Wealth Dynamics profiling system goes back to the same roots as Jungian psychometric testing (tests such as MBTI and DISC), which are based on natural laws found in Western physics (quantum mechanics, chaos theory), found in Indian philosophy (mind-body-spirit, chakras) and found in Chinese systems (the I Ching, Feng Shui), which have been around long before we existed.

These modern day adaptations can be traced back to Carl Jung and his book "Personality Types". Jung believed that we have inherent traits that are with us from birth. During the 1920's, Jung met Richard Wilhelm, who had spent 20 years of his life in China. Wilhelm had dedicated a great number of these years to translating ancient Chinese philosophies into German, resulting in two very important translations, "I Ching: the Book of Changes" and "The Secret of the Golden Flower". Jung realized the great significance of the works, recognizing that the I Ching gave him the differentiated tool needed to understand the DNA of the human psyche. The 64 hexagrams of the I Ching have since been shown to have a correlation to the 64 codons (the building blocks) found in DNA.

The philosophy behind this code, is based on the Taiji - the perpetual interplay of Yin and Yang/ Night and Day/ Male and Female. The universe was seen as a system in constant flux, and we have the opportunity to live in resonance with this flux by understanding it, or to be in constant battle against it. (Much as a great surfer picks the right wave not by riding the wave, but by reading the ocean.) When we live in resonance with this flux, we are "in the zone". Consider Michael Jordan: success didn't come from shooting baskets, success came from getting in the zone. When you are in the zone, or in flow, you move forward effortlessly.

Wealth profiling is a profiling system based on these ancient philosophies, which helps us to identify and live in our "zone".

Where the study of this profiling takes on a profound role is in the understanding of the energy frequencies which we can harness to amplify attraction and to build our wealth systematically. (Wealth here is defined as the power to both create and contribute value).

As such this system enables you to chart an extraordinary journey to increasing levels of awareness of your own power to create and contribute. Not surprisingly, what you do most naturally is also what creates the least stress and the most enjoyment. That's the point - if you're doing something that feels like hard work, you're already doing the wrong thing.

Once you have clarity on your path of least resistance, you gain incredible clarity on how to invest your time, what the next steps are, who you need to learn from, where you need to be, what you need to do - and equally important, what not to waste time on any further. From that point onwards, every step is a step in the right direction.